Machinery Equipment

Currently, the company is equipped with modern CNC machines in combination with conventional machines for final finishing operations, such as:

  • 1x CNC lathe Hanwha XD 32
  • 1x CNC lathe Hanwha XE35H
  • 1x CNC lathe Hanwha XD32IINH/Y
  • 1x CNC lathe Hanwha XP20S
  • 1x CNC lathe Hanwha XD20J
  • 1x CNC lathe Hanwha XD26H
  • 1x CNC lathe duplex Hyundai SKT 210 SY
  • 2x CNC lathe duplex NAKAMURA WY100
  • 1x two-pallet CNC milling cutter HAAS EC 300 
  • 1x CNC milling cutter HAAS VF2 SS
  • 1x CNC milling cutter Topper TMV 510
  • 1x CNC lathe TORNADO T6M
  • 1x CNC lathe HAAS SL 10
  • 2x CNC lathe 120 M TORNADO with driven units
  • 2x CNC lathe HAAS ST15Y
  • 2x semi-automatic grinder BAU16
  • 2x semi-automatic grinder BBJ6
  • 1x grinder BPH20
  • 2x thread rolling machine UPW
  • 2x CNC sawmill PEGAS
  • 1x 3D Measurement System ABERLINK AXIOM Too 900 CNC
  • 1x KEYENCE IM Series Optical Measurement System
  • We use the GibbsCAM technology CAD / CAM software to prepare NC programs for our CNC machine tools.